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The Physical Education Institute was founded in October 2011, which integrated variety of professional sources of both the original school of physical education at Shandong University of Finance and the original Institute of physical education at Shandong Economic University. Currently, we have one Master of secondary disciplines (Sports Economics), two undergraduate programs (sports economics, Sports Social Science) and one high-level sports team (Finance). In disciplines construction, we have built one school level core subject (Sports Economics) and one school level excellent course (college sports). Till now, the institute has more than 800 full-time students.

The Physical Education Institute consists of administrative office, student affairs office, student employment guidance office, and two departments. It also has a laboratory of sports and health, a sports industry research center and a sports venues management and health testing center. Currently, there are 73 faculty members in the institute, including 8 professors and 31 associate professors. Among them, 6 teachers are doctoral candidates, 32 are masters, and 3 are master tutors. Some of them have engaged in professional sports training. 8 teachers retired from the national team or the provincial team. There are 1 international judge, 5 national judges, and 22 first-grade judges. Our institute is the president among the physical teaching units in the national colleges of finance and economics. It is also the vice president of the Chinese College Volleyball Association, the vice president of the school sports association of Shandong province and the president of the Volleyball Association of Shandong province.

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